UC Micro Systems is a leading solution provider for cost effective programming solutions of memories & microcontrollers. Our product range also includes Development Tools – [SDK’s], IC Testers & IC Copiers. The latest include MultiPro series [Stand Alone] Universal IC programmers & testers.

Various models are provided to meet your needs of Universal IC Programmers and SMD Adapters, combined with software and customer support. We have a complete range of programming solutions for prototype development to high end engineering & production use. Our latest models includes the MultiPro100u / MultiPro99u / UNIPro416u+ / 411u+ / 311u+ / 39u+ / 315u / 14u / 13u / Universal IC Programmers.

UC Micro Systems [UNIPro & MultiPro series IC programmers] supports up to 84,000+ chips in various packages from over 81 manufacturers with highest reliability and speed.

A commitment to engineering excellence enables uc to issue new device support updates bi-monthly at no cost as well as honor special device support requests for higher end programmers with a only 4 week turnaround time. UC Micro Systems releases new device updates regularly and makes them available on the web site for free downloading.